Assistant Professor, Colorado College

Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey

Visiting Professor, Colorado College

Postdoc, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ph.D., New York University

Research Technician, Rockefeller University

BA, Wesleyan University               

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Molecular Biology

Darrell J Killian

Tel: 719.389.7395

Fax: 719.389.6940

14 East Cache La Poudre St

Colorado Springs, CO 80903








Education and Experience

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I am a molecular, cellular, and developmental biologist. I am interested in how genes are turned on and off to control the development of a multicellular organism. My model organism of choice is C. elegans, a soil nematode well suited for genetic investigation.

Recently, I have been working on a project that aims to determine how neuron morphology and function are regulated at the molecular level. To that end, my lab, in collaboration with others, has identified several RNA-binding proteins that govern neuron morphology in C. elegans, and we are now aiming to identify the specific mRNAs and the post-transcriptional mechanisms that they regulate within the neuron.

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