Jessy Randall

diagram poems, poetry comics, collaborative projects, and other visual poems in print and online (last updated July 2023)


museum map Wrong movies chart


A Bad Penny Review (Atrium Vestae)

Bateau (games, print only)

Best American Experimental Writing 2015 (museum maps, games)

concis (beetles, I Looked For You Everywhere)

Eunoia (language)

Gargoyle (tracts, print only)

Hairstreak Butterfly (American Home and Nebulae)

Jubilat (camp, print only)

Juked (industrial, print only)

M58 (museum maps)

Mama Liberada (playsandgames)

Maudlin House (weekly column: textiles, games, suicidal ideation, camo uselessness, Atrium Vestae, active, playgrounds, Hebrides)

Menacing Hedge (jellyfish and starfish with audio, textiles)

The Mom Egg (topology)

Ohio Edit (roots, beetles and test tubes, museum maps)

petrichor (culturalboygirl, camohowtotell)

Pleiades (peking, openoffice, planning, print only)

Poetry Northwest (Duden, print only)

Pilgrimage (culturaltryingtosay, culturalwrongwithyou, print only)

Poetry (Disaster Plan / games)

Rattle feminism issue (Duden, with audio)

Really System (Movies, Do You Ever)

Scud (games)

Section 8 (color chart, labanotation)

Small Po[r]tions (games)

Timber Journal (beetles)

Truck (water lilies)

Vector (home)


boaat cover dan1dan2 dan3 dan4

Exploratorium diagrams, collaborations with Daniel M. Shapiro, diagrams by Raymond Bruman, adapted with permission, © Exploratorium,, in:

Kugelmass (print only), Menacing Hedge, Painted Bride Quarterly, Palooka, Red Lightbulbs, Scud, Seneca Review (print only), Toad, Vector

What If You Were Happy for Just One Second: Instructional Diagrams (free digital book, BOAAT Press, 2014)


poetrycomic1 poetrycomic2quitbeingajerk actuallywritingsomething


Ariadne (free sign, ripped paper, desktop of garbage)

Biscuit Hill collaborations with Jac Batey

Boog City cover design, collaborations with Ken Cenicola, squirt gun comics

Defenestration (demagogue)

Drunken Boat

Eat Pizza in the Shower

Escape into Life (watercolor words illustrating a story)

Every Pigeon (watercolor words)


521 (failures & wordcomics; clash clams, cat, sharpie)


Flora's Forum

Forge (dumb, loyalty card, weird editor)


Harlot (print only)

Hobart (airplane banners)



Library Society of the World zine (print only)

Lower East Side Librarian (print only)


Mama Liberada

The Mom Egg: mom comics 2009, mom comics 2012

Monsterworld (print only)

Ohio Edit: bingo cards, actually writing, collaborations with Ken Cenicola, bunnies (with Suzie DeGrasse)

Opium (print only)

The Oracle (no)

Otoliths: anxiety sunrise, Duran Duran shorts, Christmas tree, rebus, wibbly-wobbly, octopus

Poetry Northwest (small problems, whose fault, best part, not enough / too much)

Rattle (with audio)

Reaedr (BECAUSE/WHY, print only)

Red Lightbulbs

Roanoke Review (importance, reading, party, maybe, horizon, solarsystem, best view, palimpsest, birthday, loading, feminist, seezie, good, one way, shape)


Section 8

Scenariusze Komiksowe

Silicon Heart (print only)

Snakeskin (guest-editor, poetry comics issue)


Storm Cellar (no-dress-code bunny with Suzie DeGrasse)


Thirteen Myna Birds


Uppagus: sleep apparatus, color, more; bunnies (with Suzie DeGrasse)


West Wind Review

Zaszyfrowane Poemiksy


celebratingstarfishbearavoidsfacebook growl manatee llamawoke


Angry Old Man (octopus animation with Corie Cole), cahoodaloodaling (giraffe with Lace Carter), 521 (bat rattler with Marianne Aldrich, wogglebug with Briget Heidmous), Heavy Feather (parrot with Simona Mkrtschjan, goose with Emily Chan, hippo and mouse with Carol Dickerson, manatee with Suzie DeGrasse), Maudlin House (giraffe with Lace Carter, wildebeest with Bruce Harris Bentzman, pig with Carol Dickerson, squirrel with Nethery Wylie, possum with Suzie DeGrasse, turtle with Kady Faulkner courtesy of Sue Spengler), Ohio Edit (cat with Anna Primrose Bendiksen, penguins with Carol Dickerson, bear with Kristin Kanthak, cows with Crane Sarris), Pink Progression (print only), Uppagus (llama with Celia Randall Gresham, horse with Daniel M. Shapiro, starfish with Corie Cole, tiger with Audie Shapiro, jaguar with Suzie DeGrasse, dog with Sarah Milteer)


DOODLES collaborative project (send your doodles to

Angry Old Man which way is up (with unknown doodler)

Uppagus because it's beautiful (with Ross Gresham), six visual poems (with Alexander Sorkin)


briget2 briget3 briget5 briget6 briget7 messagesayinghi bike wedontknow

ARTARIANICA: collaborations with Briget Heidmous

Abstract (reprints)

Angry Old Man ((N)ONE animation)

Atlas and Alice (Message in a Bottle, Fair to Say, Enough)

Cerasus (Zipper)

Cottonwood Center for the Arts: Word Art exhibition, February 2019 (Something Is Chasing You, 36 inch vinyl)

disClosure (Library)

Escape into Life (Did You Think, Fell Like Snow, You Went Away, Something Is Chasing You)

Exposition Review (I Keep Looking for You animation)

Faultline (Home, Bike, Distance, Gone)

Hysterical (Mattress, Sleep) reprinted in Anomaly

Les Femmes Folles (Library Brain, Parachute, I Like the Memory, Raining)

Jellyfish Review (Monsters May Lurk Here, The Park is a Giant Octopus)

The Offing (comics you’re too close, if you measure it, invent the door)

Ohio Edit (memory, slug)

Uppagus (Seasick, Ice Cream Truck, Hammer, Alone, Enough, what if you meant what you said )



How to Tell If You Are Human (a collection of diagram poems published by Pleiades Press, 2018)

Suicide Hotline Hold Music (a collection of poems and comics published by Red Hen Press, 2016)

What If You Were Happy for Just One Second: Instructional Diagrams (collaborative diagram poems, BOAAT Press, 2014, free digital book)



Angry Old Man (octopus, (N)ONE, IS/WAS, which way is up)
Exposition Review (I Keep Looking for You by Briget Heidmous and Jessy Randall)

Shape of a Box (video for 3 poems by Jessy Randall and Daniel M. Shapiro)
Snakeskin (Seventh Grade Poems, made with Flash, issue 93, 2003)
"Superhero Pregnant Woman" (student video by Cookie Vang)