Jessy Randall. Injecting Dreams into Cows. Red Hen Press, September 2012. 101 pages. $17.95. ISBN: 9781597092302

Available from: IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and maybe your local library. (If they don't have it, you could ask them to order it, and they probably will! That would be awesome.) Also available at many independent bookstores.

Sample poems:
Why I Had Children on a truck (poem is here)
Muppet Suite in The Nervous Breakdown
Your Brain featured in Verse Daily
Rich People's Umbrellas read by Emily Lloyd for the Poetry Foundation's Record-a-Poem project
The Consultant (source of the title)
Phone Sex with You
Robot in a Maze

Advance praise:

"Jessy Randall’s poems are beyond predicting -- some touching, some hilarious -- full of fresh insights and some nice wildnesses." -- X.J. Kennedy

"Were I a doctor, I'd prescribe Jessy Randall. Specifically, a poem-a-day, although I know the poem will not stay put in its prescription. It'll gurgle, thinking about growing fur. It'll unvelcro itself, step out of itself and morph into many brilliances, into many heavens in grains of sand. No, it'll morph into a thousand, glowing (hugely-glowing) melon spoons. Thank you Jessy Randall." -- Kate Northrop

"Jessy Randall's poems might be described as sassy -- they're bold & confident & they always seem to get the last word, casually dropping a bomb on the carefully orchestrated scene. In short, they're smart; they know exactly when to hold back and when to release, when to demur and when to devastate. -- Nate Pritts

Excerpts from reviews:

"Jessy Randall’s Injecting Dreams into Cows attempts to dismantle quibbles by critics who claim they are unable to engage with new poetry ... Randall has created a time kabob that’s both relevant and engrossing by successfully skewering the past, present, and future." -- L.A. Grove, The California Journal of Poetics

"['The Consultant' is] The best science poem you'll read this month..." -- Annalee Newitz, io9

“[Randall]'s scope is kaleidoscopic ... She digs deep and explores all the emotions in the crayon box—and we love her for it.” -- Sandra Knauf, Rattle

"[Randall's] language is clean and precise, which allows her to sneak-attack the reader with profound images. ... This collection solidifies her reputation as a talent to watch." -- CL Bledsoe, Rain Taxi

"I'm guessing [Jessy Randall] would be a cool chick to hang out with." -- Lori Hettler, The Next Best Book Blog

"Witty and inspiring..." -- Nicelle Davis, The Bees Knees (highly recommended)

Readings: New York NY, Santa Monica CA, Spokane WA, Pueblo CO, and Colorado Springs CO.

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