Jessy Randall and Daniel M. Shapiro. Interruptions: Collaborative Poems. Pecan Grove Press, August 2011. 56 pages. $15.00. ISBN: 9781931247900.

Available from: Pecan Grove Press, Amazon, Mountain Fold Books in Colorado Springs, and maybe your local library.

Readings in Colorado Springs, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

Even more about the book if you're interested.

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Here you'll find poems about robots, werewolves, Cheetos, math, and David Bowie. Randall and Shapiro bring out the weirdness in each other in the best possible way.

Sample poems:

Mundane Dreams in McSweeney's; Othniel Smith's film
The Basin in Redheaded Stepchild
Four poems in Connotation Press
Two poems in Hamilton Stone Review
Three poems in EOAGH
Two poems
in Salt River Review
Weather Report in Shampoo

Advance praise:

"At once multivoiced and seamlessly intertwined, a melancholic conversation being conducted over great distances." -- Steven Hayward


"The poems 'feel' satisfyingly right rather than 'working' logically... These poems grew on me more and more with every reading. Many seemed a tad puzzling at first but soon I, too, was having more than 'Mandatory Fun.'" -- Moira Richards, Off the Coast

A lively, playful collection of poems ... Randall and Shapiro are on a mission here to return poetry to the general reader, and conversely to return the language and experience of everyday people to poetry itself." -- Kristofer Collins, Pittsburgh Magazine

"Funny as they are, some of these poems also bite or have claws or a poetic undercurrent of melancholy and profundity." -- Kathleen Kirk, Escape Into Life

Four out of five stars from Kaye Lynne Booth, Southern Colorado Examiner


with Bob King in The Colorado Poet

with CL Bledsoe in Murder Your Darlings

with Kathleen Kirk in Escape Into Life