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Jessy Randall. Because Mona is in the Psychiatric Hospital. Columbus, Ohio: Pudding House Publications, 2005. ISBN: 1-58998-379-3. Out of print, but sometimes available on the antiquarian market; also available digitally (for free) on Google Books.

Because Mona is in the Psychiatric Hospital, a chapbook collection of poems about an imaginary character with bipolar disorder, is ... "evenly superb. Every word a nail driven into the frame with one sure hard blow of the hammer. Each nail five and a half inches apart. The rows of nails go on and on."
-- Alan Brilliant

"Read it—there are many things which will resonate with you, whoever you are."
-- Lyn Moir, Happenstance Press (read full review here)

Read two of the Mona poems in The 2River View, here.

Dwain Kitchell's Fish Poetry series includes a video version of "I Sleep in the Fish."