Jessy Randall. Slumber Party at the Aquarium. Bryan, Texas: Unicorn Press, 2004. Signed, limited edition of 100 copies. ISBN: 0-87775-253-2. $12.00 plus shipping. Order online.

"Disturbing and funny at once, Jessy Randall presents readers with a unique vision in Slumber Party at the Aquarium. She writes matter-of-factly of the ruined future of libraries, a post-apocalyptic visit to Disneyland, and the various failures of language. Throughout, her poems consistently surprise and delight: they open the door to new ways of seeing, to alternate interpretations of seemingly ordinary objects and experiences. They help us acknowledge that our understanding of our world is always incomplete."
-- Greg Boyd

"Melissa Penwell, your elementary school friend, may think these poems are 'weird,' but I'll bet you will tape them up on your mind's refrigerator."
-- David Graham

"This is poetry that captivates, alarms, and tickles by sheer force of intelligence."
-- Rachel Hadas

"A delightful and highly recommended read."
-- Melanie McConnell, Alsop Review

2012 painting by Carol Dickerson, inspired by this photo and the chapbook's title poem: