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During our time in Crestone, we were able to speak with many people to find out how the proposed drilling would influence their lives. Click on a name to find brief biographies and summaries of their interviews.


Ralph Abrams- White Jewel Mountain Dharma Center
Connie Bielecki - Nada Carmelite Hermitage
William Buehler- Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch
Christina Cabeza- Crestone Resident
Ani Chotso & Diane Short- White Jewel Mountain
Robert Demko - Subud member
Bon Dellegar - The Nada Carmelites, The Shumei Center, and The Haidakhandi Ashram
Christian Dillo- Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Michael Firsow- Humanity in Unity Temple of Consciousness
Tamar Ellentuck- Crestone Spiritual Alliance
Debra Floyd- The Village Witch of Crestone
Vicky Hess- Dharma Ocean Foundation
Jayendra- Tai Chi teacher, Humanity in Unity Spiritual Center
Bill Jedis- Dharma Ocean Foundation, Crestone Resident
Joy Kells- Cottonhood Sustainable Coop
Criag Hase - Crestone Mountain Zen Centre
Braydon Holtzinger-Humanity in Unity Temple of Consciousness Ashram
Naomi Mattis- Longchen Jigme Samten Ling Retreat Center in Crestone, CO
Lonnie Roth- Local shop owner- Crestone Creative Trade Co.
Julie Quinn- San Luis Valley Citizen Alliance
Hanne Strong- Crestone resident, Founder of Manitou Foundation
Seltong- Tibetan Buddhist nun
Dagini Amba- Humanity in Unity Temple of Consciousness Ashram
Darlene Yarborough- Crestone Realtor, CSA Rep for Humanity & Unity .
Johnathan Yates & Deborah Michalak-Haidakhandi Universal Asharam
Yoshiyuki Yominaga- Shumei International Institute
John Winter- Crestone Sangha member and program director at Dharma Ocean
David- Shu Mei