Dennis McEnnerney
In Paris
Pikes Peak from Red Rocks
Philosophy Graduation
Rafting Royal Gorge
Whale Watching in Quebec
Newberry Library Class
Pond at Red Rocks
At Santa Fe Museum
Class at the Canadian Capitol
At Rocky Mountain National Park
Cold with Christine
Class at Rideau House


Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy
Advisor, Honor Council


  • Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (1995)
  • M.A., U.C. Berkeley (1983)
  • A.B., Stanford University (1980)

Research Areas:

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy and History of Resistance
  • Critical Theory
  • Personal Identity and Identity Politics

Teaching Areas:

  • History of Social & Political Philosophy
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Politics of Identity
  • Freedom and Authority
  • Western Civilization
  • History and Culture of Quebec
  • History and Philosophy of Education


Blocks 1-2, 2014-15: GS 101
Freedom & Authority
A two-block FYE course that meets the West in Time requirement. Open to first-year students only.

Block 4, 2014-15: PH 341
Contemporary Political Philosophy
A survey of recent political philosophy, focussing on reactions to the work of John Rawls. One unit in Philosophy or junior standing required.
Block 5, 2014-15: PH 245
History of Social & Political Philosophy: Modern Debates
A survey of modern social and political philosophy, Hobbes to the present.
Block 7, 2014-15: PH 476
Senior Seminar
The capstone course for Philosophy majors. Open to seniors in Philosophy only.