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Odette Shotwell and Elizabeth Hayes in Quail Bell Magazine, February 2024.

Ellen Eglin in Mobius: The Journal for Social Change, February 2024.

Ada Lovelace in Asimov's, January-February 2024.

Beatrix Potter in Strange Horizons, January 2024.

Fern at Fifty-Seven in Escape into Life, December 2023.

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Jessy Randall 2017
photo by Bryan Oller


book cover

The Path of Most Resistance: More Poems on Women in Science, Gold SF / University of London / MIT, forthcoming spring 2025.


Mathematics for Ladies book cover

Mathematics for Ladies: Poems on Women in Science, Gold SF / University of London/ MIT, 2022. More information.

"The only good science fiction poems ever written are by Jessy Randall." -- Annalee Newitz


How to Tell If You Are Human: Diagram Poems, Pleiades Press, 2018.

"The ultimate user manual for human existence. Finally, it all makes sense!" -- Charlie Jane Anders


There Was an Old Woman: Poems, Unicorn Press, December 2015.

Each prose poem in this collection includes a line from Mother Goose.


Suicide Hotline Hold Music: Poems, Red Hen Press, April 2016. Poems and poetry comics.

"Playfully expands the boundaries of both poetry and comics.” -- James Kochalka


Interruptions: Collaborative Poems, with Daniel M. Shapiro, Pecan Grove Press, 2011.

"A lively, playful collection of poems..."
-- Pittsburgh Magazine


Injecting Dreams into Cows: Poems, Red Hen Press, September 2012.

"Full of fresh insights and some nice wildnesses." -- X.J. Kennedy


The Wandora Unit: A Novel, Ghost Road Press, 2009.

"Like a John Hughes movie about the Bloomsbury Group" -- Charlie Jane Anders

  A Day in Boyland

A Day in Boyland: Poems, Ghost Road Press, 2007. A finalist for the Colorado Book Award.

"Makes you want to jump on the couch and yell, I love this poet!" -- Leonard Gontarek



poetry chapbooks
[What is a chapbook?]

What If You Were Happy for Just One Second: Instructional Diagrams, with Daniel M. Shapiro, BOAAT Press, 2014. Free digital book.

  Miniature book, Big by Little and Little by Big, Fishtales Press, 2003.  

Broken Heart Diet and Other Food Poems, signed, limited edition chapbook, Unicorn Press, 2006.   Because Mona is in the Psychiatric Hospital, Pudding House, 2005.
Slumber Party at the Aquarium, signed, limited edition chapbook, Unicorn Press, 2004.   Dorothy Surrenders, electronic, illustrated chapbook of Wizard of Oz poems, 2River, 1999.




science fiction stories and poems (selected)

Analog: "Hertha Ayrton" with online interview, "Maryam Mirzakhani," "First Scientist," "Fay Ajzenberg-Selove," more
Asimov's: "A Different Kind of Stupid," "I Have a Remote," "The Mirror Speaks," "Annie Jump Cannon"
(reprinted in Colorado Encyclopedia), "Helen Taussig," more
Escape into Life: "The Lollyball Problem" and "The Lump"
Eye to the Telescope: "Our Morganna," "Food Radio"
Flurb: "Alphabet Island"
Just Like a Girl
"The Loop"
Kaleidotrope: "The Light Market and the Language Market"
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet: "The Hedon-Ex Anomaly," "Anonymized Orgies," more
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry: "The Seductiveness of the Memory Hole"
Mythic Delirium: "Maybe a Witch Lives There"
Nature: "'If I Could Travel in Time' by Zed 5755," German translation in Spektrum
Opium: "Unt Not Invent System" (Literary Death Match video)
Scientific American: "Elizabeth Agassiz"
Star*Line: "Crackling Octopus," more
Strange Horizons: "Cassini's Mini-Packets Home," "Food Diary of Gark the Troll," more
Theaker's: "Frakking Toasters: The Language of Battlestar Galactica," more
Things You Can Create
: "Story Time for Forest Troop Glink: Return of the Entwives"

women in STEM project


humor (selected)

"Everyone's Hair in Middle School," "New Pay-Per-View Channels," "Mundane Dreams," and "What the People Who Used to Live in My House Apparently Said to Each Other Before Selling It to Me" in McSweeney's Internet Tendency
"Seven Things Total Strangers Apparently Think It’s Perfectly Appropriate to Say to a Woman Discreetly Breastfeeding in Public" in Mountain Man Dance Moves: McSweeney's Book of Lists
"Breastfeeding Tips from the Experts" in Brain, Child



mcsweeneys mcsweeneys





"Wizard Words: The Literary, Latin, and Lexical Origins of Harry Potter's Vocabulary," in Verbatim: The Language Quarterly, Spring 2001. Widely reprinted. Full article. Follow-up article, Historifans, February 2023.   Guest editor, Snakeskin, theme issues on fatherhood, motherhood, deadly sins, fairy tales, libraries, the alphabet, school, collaborations, toys, work, food, found poems, poetry comics, monsters, friendship, numbers/mathematics, cryptozoology, and music.




Interviews in Analog, Catalyst, The Colorado Poet, E-Words, Folded Word Press, Hairstreak Butterfly, Interstellar Flight Magazine, Poemeleon, Murder Your Darlings, Escape into Life, and Little Myths. Audio interviews at KRFC and at KRCC about A Day in Boyland and things found in books.   Library Shenanigans | Suzie | Karen | "Santa Clause is Socrates" | Colorado Poets Center | Poetry Foundation


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